2012 Thank you donors, volunteers, contributors and collaborators.

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Listed below are individuals/groups whose generosity helped sustain and improve the Cape Lookout Studies Program in 2012 by providing printer ink, photo paper, office supplies, boat fuel, cleaning supplies, lumber, hand soap, food, drinks, notebooks, XM Radio subscription, celebrations, web hosting fees, web site maintenance, plans, sketches, and materials budget for the proposed NC Cetacean Center, Bonehenge.org bone sponsorship contributions, $27,751 in cash donations/grants (mostly for the NCMM curator fund to sustain Keith Rittmaster’s NCMM position), and approximately 2000 hours of volunteer time.  THANK YOU!!

Sincere thanks also go out to everyone who has an NC “Protect Wild Dolphins” special license plate which raised for Friends of the Museum a total of $11,380 in 2012.  The dolphins thank you too.

Congratulations and thanks to Todd Sturgell, the 2012 recipient of the CLSP Outstanding Volunteer award.

Allison & Dave DuBuisson

Amy and Jim Thullen

Amy Montanus

Ann & Doug Doubleday

Anna & Bud Doughton


Beth & Jim Maxwell

Bobbi & David Brown

Bob Henry

Bonnie Monteleone


Carl Spangler

Carolina Cay Maritime Found.

Carolyn & Henry Hammond

Cathy & Henry Long

Chasie & Steve Harris

Cy Brame

Dail Bridges

Dan Hillmann

Daphne Littiken

Diane & Robert Hardy

Dick Ogus

Edgar Carr

Elaine & Richard Barber

Elizabeth & Larry LaBrie

Elizabeth White

Eirik Motz

Friends of the Museum

Ginny Costlow

Graham Barden

Guy & Kathy Robert

Guy Jaconis

Harriet & Tarlton Long

Harriette and James Watkins

Howard Lineberger

Hugh Wilde

Jane & Chris Heaton

Janet Frye

Joe Schwarzer

John Russell

Josh Summers

Julian Mann

Karen Davis

Karen Hattman

Keith Rittmaster

Kim Merrels

Lora Fasolino

Margaret Harker

Mariana & Joe Hollinshed

Marty & Woody Warburton

Mary & Haywood Holderness

Mary Hunnings

Michael Fisher

Nancy & Doug Wolfe

Nancye & Sam Bryan

Nelson Owens

Newton Family

Patti Owens

Paul Dunn

Paul Nader

Paula Dailey

“Protect Wild Dolphins” license plates

Rachel & John LoPiccolo

Ralph McCaughan

Regina & Bruce McCutcheon

Richard Barmore

Rob, Lacey, Stephanie Thayer

Ruth Barbour

Sally & Paul Ransford

Sandra and John Atkins

Sarah Ellen & Joe Archie

Sinbad & Lt. Terry

Steve Hassenfelt

Suzanne and Vance Knight

Ted & Donough Phillips

Tom Kirmeyer

Triangle Community Found.

Vic Fasolino

Vicky Thayer

Walker Long

Worth Dunn


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