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Our programs have helped clean up the marine environment promoting protection and conservation of marine mammals, sea turtles, and other endangered marine creatures.

We know more about the biology, behavior, anatomy, and physiology of whales and dolphins (cetaceans) as a result of this work, and can apply that knowledge to conservation efforts.

Program researchers share what they learn with citizens, students, and fellow scientists all over the world through publications, presentations, displays, and this web site.

All of these things have been accomplished thanks to the generous contributions of foundations, non-profits, businesses, government entities, and people like you. Thank you! But there’s more to do and we invite you to help these programs continue to make advances in conservation, research and education. Please give to the Cape Lookout Studies Program. Your donation of any amount will help sustain this important work. Giving is easy!

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$1,000+ – Dolphin Level $500+ – Sea Turtle Level $200+ – Pelican Level $100+ – Jellyfish Level $50+ – Sea Star Level $25+ – Sand Dollar Level <$25 – Fiddler Crab level (By the way, fiddler crabs are an important part of our ecosystem – ask any Sheepshead)

Designate a program for your contribution
  1. Bonehenge Whale Center
  2. Bottlenose Dolphin research (Photo-ID project)
  3. Marine Mammal Stranding Network
  4. Education and outreach
  5. Life saving conservation (Monofilament recycling)
  6. Cetacean skeletal rearticulations
  7. Cape Lookout Studies – general donations

For online payments, you can write in the program by clicking “NOTES” when you check out. You can designate a program with a mailed check by specifying on a printed donation form.

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Write a check to “Friends of the Museum”, write “Cape Lookout Studies” on the check, and send it with or without the printed donation form to:

Friends of the Museum, 315 Front St. Beaufort, NC 28516
The Friends of the Museum is a non-profit, 501(c)3, organization and donations are tax-deductible. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity. Keith Rittmaster, Natural Science Curator

  • They have a lot more to teach us.

    We've learned a lot with your help. But there's still so much we need to know to protect our wild dolphin neighbors.

    Give to dolphin research at the Cape Lookout Studies Program.

  • Sea Turtel sick and injured from fishing line

    You can stop this.

    Protecting marine wildlife is within your reach.

    When you give to put monofilament recycling bins within reach of conscientious boaters and anglers.

  • Harbor seal in need

    Save lives, reduce suffering, learn more.

    It's a win, win, win – when you support our Marine Mammal Stranding Network.

    Please give generously to the Cape Lookout Studies Program.

  • Cetacean Studies

    Inspire curiosity.

    What does it take to get students interested in science and conservation? Your help.

    Please give generously to support Cetacean Studies and the Bonehenge rearticulation project.